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California Waterfowl Helps Flood Sutter Refuge
300 Additional Acres Flooded for Public Hunters

Yuba City, CA, October 6, 2011 — California Waterfowl recently provided funds to pump water onto Sutter National Wildlife Refuge, which will result in an additional 300 acres of flooded wetlands in the public hunt area before opening day. Budget constraints this year would have otherwise prevented Refuge staff from flooding these acres.
“We are very appreciative of California Waterfowl stepping up to contribute and help us provide habitat for early migrants and additional wetlands for public hunters,” commented Mike Peters, Sutter Refuge Manager.
The portion of the Refuge that lies within the Sutter Bypass relies on gravity flow to receive water. The California Department of Water Resources operates the main weir that feeds the channel to the Refuge and surrounding agricultural properties. During harvest season, some farmers in the area need the weir level held lower to allow fields to fully dry out for harvest activities. In years when this is necessary, Refuge staff are severely limited in their flood-up capabilities for the Bypass portion of the Refuge.
California Waterfowl, along with the Chesapeake Hunt Club, provided the resources needed to lease and fuel equipment to pump water onto the Refuge.
“Waterfowl and wetland conservation, along with hunting heritage and opportunity are very important to California Waterfowl,” stated John Carlson, Jr., President of California Waterfowl. “This will not only supply resources for the wintering waterfowl already beginning to arrive in California, but it will provide additional opportunity for public hunters.”