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Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Water Delivery Update

According to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the time period from January to the present is the driest year on record, including the drought years of 1977 and 1924, with only 9.4 inches of rainfall in the Sacramento watershed. These extremely dry conditions could once again trigger the Term 91 winter water right diversion restrictions. GCID's winter rights permit is subject to diversion limitations under Standard Permit Term 91, which can be enforced during dry year conditions. Term 91 does not impact the diversion and delivery
of water under GCID's Sacramento Settlement Contract from April through October 31. If Term 91 restrictions are placed on the District, water would not be available after November 1 to meet rice straw decomposition needs and winter waterfowl habitation flows until significant rainfall occurs. The District will keep you updated regarding any Term 91 developments as information becomes available.